Online Security Policies

You may have read recently about some otherwise reputable websites engaging in less than reputable activities with their visitors. We take your online experience very seriously at, and we devote a wide variety of resources into safe-guarding your time on our site. We've taken steps to make sure each and every interaction you could possibly have with is safe, secure, and noninvasive. Website Security

There's been a lot of buzz in the media lately about "cookies." Are they good? Are they bad? Should you delete them? We're not going to join the debate here, but we do want to give you the scoop on's use of cookies.

The most important thing you should know: does not put permanent files or tracking cookies on your computer! We only use "session cookies," which stay with you during your time on our site, but automatically delete shortly after you exit.

What Is a Cookie?

Cookies are small files that are automatically placed on your computer's hard drive when you visit certain sites. Some are innocuous and actually enrich your online experience; others are a bit more nefarious--the worst reputation belonging to "tracking cookies." These are permanent files that monitor your online behavior long after you've left the website that installed it on your hard drive. They transmit "behavioral" information back to advertisers each time you navigate the web in order to help them, and others, sell products and services to you more effectively. These tracking cookies are often lumped under the "spyware" moniker.'s Session Cookies

These temporary cookies remember date and destination info that you enter so you can browse multiple hotel options without having to re-type any of your original data.

  • Our session cookies DO NOT store or collect any passwords or personal information about you
  • DOES NOT promote or participate in any spyware/adware programs
  • And, unlike some travel sites, DOES NOT sell or share your personal information with ANYONE
  • NEVER uses any form of tracking cookies
  • As with most of our customer policies, our cookie use is the least invasive option possible with the maximum benefits for you. It's the best technology we've found for making the online reservation process run smoothly.

Credit Card Transactions on

The secure server software we use exceeds industry standards and is the best software available today for secure e-commerce transactions. Secure Socket Layer encryption technology codes all of your personal information including your credit card number, your name, and your address so that it cannot be read by anyone else as it travels over the Internet. For added security, your credit card information is encrypted as it is stored in our database.

Registering with

Register with confidence. We never share your personal information with anyone. All information is gathered to improve your experience on our site.

Our Weekly Email Deal Alerts

We've designed our weekly email deal alerts to be a helpful resource for frequent travelers. Our emails contain our best and most timely deals and nothing else. We won't try to sell you a Caribbean Cruise and won't max out your mailbox storage limits by sending you huge files.

We limit our promotional emails to one per week.

Thanks for using; we'll see you out on the road!